Introducing variety of things about Nagoya and other places to go in Japan

“Don Quixote” “ドンキ・ホーテ” the Cheepest Shopping Store

“Don Quixote” (Donki) is the king of Discount Store.
It is not a Wholesale Store like Costco.
They use all kinds of method to buy items cheap such as out of out of business shops, outlets,
parallel importers, etc.

You can find things from electronic device like
Big Screen TV to fresh tofu.

But be careful!

The way they make money is to offer you items with very
low price (they actually show selling prices of nearby shops)

If there is not competition, they may sell you for
the listing price.

So if you think everything is cheap and buy without
closely look at the price, you may end up paying more
than nearby discount shops.

Then how do you know you are getting big discount.

Look for yellow tags like these.

Most likely you may be buying the cheapest you can buy
around that area.

Also highly discounted goods are displayed in front of the shop.
That means goods you see in front of the shop are
also good buys.

If you are thinking to purchase electrical goods,
be careful about the Electrical Code Standards.

Most likely, what you buy in Japan won’t be able to be used in
your country.

If you are to purchase electrical devises, you may buy ones that use common
batteries like Japanese Made Wireless Earphone.
Recently Japanese Electrical Appliances are not as strong as before.
And foreigners do not come to buy SONYs and Panasonics.

Donki has been developing its own no-brand electrical goods
with Japanese local small companies.

You may be surprised that some Japanese made goods are less expensive
than imported like from China. The quality? Please guess.

Anyways, Donki has variety of goods. They do not waste any space.
So you may be surprised how stacked goods are to each other.

You can also buy souvenir at Donki.
The most popular one is Matcha snacks. Too many kinds you can find.

Also Japanese Anime Characters. Don’t worry they are not pirates.

Jpanaese nifes. (expecially “Seki Made”)

It’s bulky but there are so many kinds of cup nopodles.

Japanese stationallies are also very popular.

Watches, Makeups, Candies, Medicins

I would say Donki is a toy shop for adults.

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