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Beppu Prefecture Kifune Castle (Gold Snake)





Kifune Castle  is from the legend that Genji Tsui who was
active in the late Heian era (794AC-1185AC) built a fort
in this place.

The most important and famous thing here is
a GOLD SNAKE called “Kimbai White Dragon King”, enshrined
as the guardian god of the castle.Snakes are said to be
the use of Benzaiten, the god of a river born in
ancient India.

Since Benzaiten is both a god of agriculture and
a god of goods, tradition of obtaining benefits
by worshiping the snake remains from long time ago.

You will see many people who visit the temple and
touch the snake to be rich.

The interesting thing is the snake is quite warm (not cold).

Did I touch the snake? Ofcause yes. Me too want to be rich 🙂


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