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Gacha-Gacha, Gacha-pon capsule toy

“Gacha-Gacha” or “Gacha-pon” refers to vending machines
that when you put 300yen and turn the lever,
the machine spit out a capsule toy.
The origin of “Gacha-pon” or “Gacha-Gacha” is the
noise when you turn the lever.

When turning the lever the noise sound Gacha-Gacha,
and when the word “pon” is an onomatopoeia for things come out

You can find them almost everywhere in Japan.
In some malls and shopping centers, there are whole sections of
Just looking at variety of these Gacha-Gachas is fun.

Actually the capsule toys are spitted out from “Gacha-Gacha”.

However, people refer the toy itself as “Gacha-Gacha”
in recent years.


When you open one of these plastic eggs, you’ll never know
what you’ll get even though it’s part of a series of toys.
That’s only a fraction of the fun of “Gacha-Gacha”.

Approximately ¥30 billion industry with 150 new toys
hatched every month.



While capsule toys are made mainly in China, the Gacha-Gachas
are uniquely Japanese.

In Japan, children to adults love Gacha-Gacha since
most popular comics small figures such as One Piece,
Picacyu, Doraemon, Dragonball, etc. can be found as well as
cute figures like Sushi, Various Foods, Cars, Motorcycles,
Insects, Various Animals Doll Figures, etc.

Recent years, Fuchiko (Lady Edge) of Cup serious are
very popular among adults.

I also have a few on my desk.


Gacha-Gacha will be a very good for souvenir from Japan.
Actually many foreigners are surrounding Gacha-Gacha in front of
Souvenir shops.

You should try one.

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