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Nara Station Shopping Arcade

One of my favorite things when visiting new places is visiting the shopping arcade.

Right next to the Kintetsu Nara Station, there is a shopping arcade.

The characteristics of this arcade are the following:

1. You cannot use credit cards in a lot of shops and restaurant.
Therefore, you need to prepare a little more cash with you than usual.
I did not feel that in large cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, etc.

2. Cost performance is good in Morning set (breakfast).
You can find many places to have breakfast including drink and bread in one coin (500yen).

Also you can find a lot of tasty food.

3. There are not so many souvenir shops and Nara specific goods.
I want to see more incenses, potteries, etc.
I can’t really tell what is really Nara spatiality goods.

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