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Cherry Blossom Season 2018

My favorite season is here.
Japan is full of cherry blossoms.

Party, Party, Party!!

It is a Japanese Tradition to have a
drinking party under full blooming cherry trees.

People say
“We are so glad to welcome this season again!”

This season make us very alive and rejuvenated.

I visited many places all over the world,
but I could not forget the scene of
full blooming cherry blossoms especially at night.

In Nagoya the 2 biggest places to see
cherry blossoms are Nagoya Castel Park and
Turumai Park.

If you have chance, I highly recommend you to
visit Japan in late March.
(Of course Northern part will be a little bit later)

Here they are!

Cherry Blossoms in 2018:

Nagoya Castle Park

Turumai Park

By the way you do not need to go to a special places to see
Cherry Blossoms.

You can see them just walking around the neighborhood!!

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