Japanese Amusement Arcades has been changing
as world is going to IoT and AI.

AEON and APITA are well known
shopping mall all over Japan.

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I have visited a new AEON Shopping Mall
in Nagakute, Aichi the other day.
They have newest and most amazing machines.

I tried 3D Mario Car Racing.
There was an instructor who would tell you
how to proceed.

Wow, the MARIO World was very colorful
and very realistic.
It was like I was really driving in the MARIO world.

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For a while NAMCO Amusement Arcade was
getting boring.
They put more UFO Catchers to make money quickly.
It was for a kids’ and old peoples’ place to kill time.
←Although they still have space for them.

You must experience 3D World at NAMCO
when you come to Japan.

I really enjoyed the machine.
And I guaranty you, too.