Introducing variety of things about Nagoya and other places to go in Japan

Nara Toukae

“Toukae” means the tip of the floating candles in cups that look like little flower.
But the secret is that it is very rear to find it.

If you could find it, it means you have a good luck.
“Tokuae” started in 1999.
Every year in August, this event lasts 10 days in Nara Park area.

Currently nearby temples and shopping arcades joined this event.
20,000 candles are used and it is soothing and romantic.

Currently about one million people visit this area during the event.

I visited the park and temples this year at the first time.

In the darkness, thousands of swinging lantans make you very emotional.

You can face your naked soul. You can wash away your dirt accumulated in your daily life.

You may feel like walking in the haven.

This is a must see.

If you are lucky you may see red candles               Hundreds of lantanas

image            image

Lantan arranged like a flower                                       It says “Milky Way”

image                  image 

Nara Koufuku-ji (temple) Five Story Pagota light up


Washiike(pond)  The moon was making this view more beautiful


You can see Nara histrical places map

This map is in Japanese but you can imagine by looking at the picture of the buildings.

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